Astronaughty Nurse Doll Spyro

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my soul was sold 100 times in one day and now im here waiting for another contract another sell my soul for five of your songs deal, these souls and mine forming a round business and raw magic were represented by an angel in the form of crystals that emit too much heat therefore i believe they come from hell with all the lower desires only hell can bring, fallen angels and heaven for prophanities around, diablo welcome on earth in hell and heaven as usual, i had a diary but it became so much more than that it became a reality i can never escape the ritual of the words in the diaries gave me the title sound commander under the alias Andrew Walter III Kaamo ' D La Simmetrie, one of our best friends is a flying dinosaur whos got powers and her voice while my slave and her words while my slave and her smile while my slave she my slave like our artistic expression of sex and uncertainty about whats next when the orgasm finishes drives often to depression often to happiness, and it always leaves a trauma in which i feel massages when she whispers the spells on my ears. Bass lines are present to drive the lines of melodies that follow random places in which i can never be stable, having an imaginary doll in the bassline keeps me more sane than not having it, she is warm every morning and the gong calls me everyday to rise her altar to the infinite... is called Astronaughty Nurse Doll Spyro and it says i can't escape her voice no matter how hard i try i surrender and now she controls me and i started to feel the need of her voice being close


01. Soul Business Magic [04:03]
02. Crystal Spheres Del Infierno [04:06]
03. Diablo Steps On Earth [04:26]
04. Bed Diaries Waters [04:20]
05. We Is Flying Dynasours [04:14]
06. Doll Slave [03:46]
07. 47 Hours Of Andrew Massages [03:21]
08. Bass Extremities [04:13]
09. Doll Heat [03:53]
10. Ultra Doll Moon Spell [03:35]

39:58 min
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