Mega Doll releases

Mega Doll is a breakcore alias it takes inspiration from different sides of imaginary places where I am comfortable with I'm no longer accepting real world since it all is about war and stupid problems about money I only care about my imagination.

An imaginary doll who whispers songs to my ear... I became the vessel between her and the speakers, IDM, breakcore and traverse flutes on the trip to other planets, I like music, I consider myself an eclectic listener I have many artists of different genres I like, from Shostakovich to tuxedo moon and Kraftwerk passing through Pink Floyd, Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg and so many good musics on my library, I often think of breakcore as something that reformulates itself over and over, therefore, is hard for me to sound two times the same although I try to keep some notions of the genre I consider my music "Romantic Songs" instead of breakcore.

Main inspiration comes from Queen Elizabeth Tear 'D La Simmetrie, Giant Jewel Records and your main witch Mary Lù, they are imaginary subjects I hold deep in my heart and there is where inspiration comes from I thank them every day for enlighten my way to listen to their songs and write them and produce them in my mind, I know i'm here.