Tha Treachery

CBR 192 kbps / 44100 Hz / Stereo
Breaks, Hip Hop

If no one cares, how do you?. Three MC's decided to form Heavy Barrelz to address this issue, and Sickmode proudly presents their debut album "Tha Treachery", a no holds barred, very pissed off & sincerely distraught record, with definite nods to the past and future... spanning __ tracks and __ minutes.
featuring p Wrecks & Guttah Face hailing from the Northwest shadows of Spokane, and Xrin Arms representing Cleveland, Cali, and parts unknown. The three all have unique style coalescing perfectly over Xrin Arms grave-robber trueschool head beats. If this is the direction hip hop is headed in, it might not just be a shadow of the 90's anymore.

01. Half Asleep [04:31]
02. Goldmine Lungs [03:18]
03. Sincerely Yourz [03:09]
04. Gorgeous Gutter [03:12]
05. Satanic Versus [02:48]
06. The Trenches [02:57]
07. Most Treacherous [03:10]
08. Pleasure & Pain [04:44]
09. Dead Batteries [02:27]
10. Good Living [02:59]
11. Your Children [03:30]

36:45 min
60.51 MB